Performance, Communication and Leadership are key elements of success – in life as on the stage.

Our “Performance” training is designed to make you feel at ease on the public stage and optimize your effective use of language and body-language.
Your perfect performance in all presentations is the main objective of the training allowing you at the same time to stay true to yourself and giving you an aura of self-assurance.

The structure of each training is designed according to the participants and their individual level of experience as well as their professional requirements.
The seminar covers principal techniques of breathing in situations of conflict, stresses the power of the human voice and reflects the importance of gesture and posture in body language. As performance depends on the ability to communicate clearly, the theatre methods are transferred into the modern work world. Shakespeare texts are used as models for presentations, staff meetings, motivational speeches and job interviews.

Learn from the stage professionals all about the fundamental principles of stage movements.
How do I enter a space, how can I deliberately attract attention, how will I give my best performance? If you know how to deliver your best presence on stage, you will easily be able to convince your crew and other crowds.