Team Time

As theatre is a collaborative art form, our creative programs also give essential hands-on experience in the Art of Directing and Teambuilding.

Our “Team time” program is perfect to strengthen strategies of communication and cooperation in your team. Theatre scenes are used as a device to experience team work in a non-work-related field.

The art of theatre can only be delivered as a team effort and depends on the cooperation of artistic and non-artistic collaborators. Just as in ballroom dancing, communication on the stage and other stage craft techniques like stage combat are the result of cocreation and cooperation.

The training program “Mentoring” can also be combined with the program “Team Time” as the world of theatre displays many role models for identification purposes.

Similarly, successful is the program „Intercultural competence “. Once more, theatre scenes are used to experience the world from a new perspective and to mirror our own culture. The world of theatre opens itself as a treasure of representations of power, ethical values and different moral perceptions. The program has proven itself ideal to open new horizons of thought and compassion for others.