Our concept

We teach all our programs with creative methods from the world of theatre and transfer them from the stage to your daily work life.

The art of public speech and the professional use of voice and language are strong components enabling actors to give their very best performance.
Body language as non-verbal communication can create strong impacts in real life as on the stage. The artful use of body language is vital for successful communication. Our experienced stage professionals teach you how to master these techniques on the stage of your daily business life.

We also work with more theatrical techniques like stage combat serving as a metaphor for partner communication and orientation towards clear objectives. Other techniques include working with masks, theatre of statues or storytelling.

All of our methods are not at all based on academic classroom lectures but give you the opportunity to experience yourself and master creative techniques on real stages in professional theatres.


“If you don't feel it, you'll never grasp it."

Faust I,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe